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About Form & Fire




     Form & Fire is a small event floral design studio serving the Western Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore areas (we will travel for the right event!)


     We offer lush, textural, premium floral design for events, photo shoots, and special orders.

     We source the highest quality blooms and foliage from around the corner and around the world. We go knee deep in brambles to forage the perfect vine or cluster of berries. We use as many seasonal blooms as possible. We tease open the fussiest buds. We are born foragers and ambitious gardeners. We aim to compose nature to perfectly complement your style and express your heartfelt sentiments. Our style is textural, lush, refined, and relaxed. We prefer to use locally grown product from nearby floral co-ops, farms, and friends.

We'll search the globe for your must-haves,

but love to work sustainably! 

     We do flowers for flower lovers. If your flowers are one of the most important elements of your décor, you are our people! It's not an exaggeration to say that flowers are our artistic medium, and we love miniature world-building. Examining the curve of each stem, the texture and direction of each petal and stamen, the subtle color plays that tie everything together. We do texture, and love the play between shadow and light-- a florist's version of chiaroscuro. We love to work with other vendors to set the tone of a celebration! We've styled fairy gardens, fiestas, winter wonderlands, industrial art galleries, geometric structures, overflowing smorgasbords and picnics...anything we can dream up together with you! (inspiration photos are encouraged for reference, but not strictly adhered to!).


Hasta Muerte


FORM & FIRE was founded in 2014

  by Owner and Designer Meg Flickinger

   Meg was born and raised in Larchmont, NY, a beautiful village on the sound 25 miles north of New York City. She moved south of Mason-Dixon line in 2007, eventually calling the fast-growing city of Frederick, Maryland home until relocating down the road a way to Boonsboro, a historic civil war heritage site at the foot of South Mountain in 2020. We are turning this little bit of land into a teeming garden, one hand-selected plant at a time.


She was always more interested in flowers than the average person, but she fell in love with the job as a retail floral designer right after graduating college as a returning student in her early 20s, instead of using her costly Psychology degree from Towson University. C'est la vie. The heart wants what it wants. Hers wants unlimited blooms to create with.


   Since then, she has workshopped and collaborated with world-renowned floral designers, taught the elements of design to beginner students, made incredible professional contacts and friends along the way, and honed her own flowing, textured, just-tamed style of design while developing enthusiasm into genuine passion for (read: obsession with) flowers, foliage, vines, fruit, seedpods, and anything else that can be styled to accentuate their natural beauty and color variation. 

     Form & Fire has always relied heavily on seasonal, homegrown flowers and wild-foraged flora. Being carefully sourced, lovingly nurtured, exuberantly alive, ephemeral, fragile, and of the highest quality, our flowers are precious to us. Their sweet fragrances and delicacy, endless variation, gracefulness, and individual personalities are nearly magical in a sometimes-weary world. Whimsy can be hard to come by. No wonder we use them to mark the milestones of our lives! 


      We love and gush over each stem individually before it becomes an integral part of your party's ambiance. Because of this, we prefer smaller, intimate events that allow your guests to really take in the details of the contained worlds we create, rather than large-scale events where volume can be more important to the design than specific blooms.


As of July 2022 we are thrilled to be


after a nearly three year break to focus on family and health (pandemic, new baby, new home, etc!)

We are so excited to make beautiful things for you again!


   In 2014, Meg established Form & Fire as a small floral and ceramics studio.  The wheel and kiln provided the forming and firing of our namesake, but we find it translates well to the floral medium as well. 

   In 2017, she made the decision to focus on her true love. She closed up the ceramics shop and sold all of her pottery equipment and supplies to a novice potter in order to streamline the business.

Since then, Form & Fire specializes exclusively as an event floral studio. We have other projects in the works--we're thinking workshops, design parties, styled shoots, collaborations, etc.

We are always open to new ideas!


Meg is an "elder millennial" (the Oregon Trail generation) born and raised near New York City, assimilated into the DMV area in the early 2000s and began her family.  She now has three children (Sadie, Theo, and Emmeline ("Emmie"). She and her partner Eric work constantly to keep things running smoothly at work and at home. They both enjoy throwing themselves into hard work they care about, and Form & Fire is a labor of love. We hope that our excitement about flowers rubs off on our clients



Get in touch and see what

we can dream up together.

All are welcome!









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"Our flowers are precious to us....because of this, we prefer smaller, intimate events that allow your guests to really take in the details of the contained worlds we create."

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